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Welcome to Legacy Linen

The quality of your bedding is almost as important as the quality of your mattress and can lead to better sleep and increased relaxation. Legacy Linens is committed to providing high quality bedding that will suit your needs for a good night's rest.

From sheets to pillowcases every bed set should have both great comfort and design.  Legacy Linen specialises in custom made bedding with 100% cotton fabrics in super luxury weaves with a variety of unique designs.

At Legacy Linen you can chose everything you need to make your bed the most comfortable place to be in your home. You will love the touch and feel of our custom designed bedding that will enhance even the most extraordinary beds and mattresses giving you a luxurious comfortable sleeping experience.

Discover why Legacy Linen is unmatched in the Sri Lankan market and is highly sought after worldwide. Your satisfaction and comfort is guaranteed.

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